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League of Legends - Psychology elements: Elo Booster view

This article will answer on next question: "Why you should resist your emotions during ranked game if you want to boost your league of legends account to the the top?"

   About one-two won games of ten we got a person in team which starts yelling about game is lost. He starts calling surrender, negativing and chating with oponnents. It happens often, so it's pretty typical situation in League of Legends. What should you do in situation like this? We recommend instantly ignore such person after you read first "gg" on 5-10th minute. You will forget about him very soon and you will be able to continue freely, without going deep in drama by starting conversation with that person or react somehow on such behaviour. Usually it helps and game ends in victory, but sometimes you will lose because of person like that. The only way get over it - accept that it happens. If you will learn psycholgy aspect of such behaviour - you will understand that person needs attention generally in his life and this just spreads on game. Reasons can be different, but usually it's few attention from parents in his/her childhood(or now if he is young) in his/her own point of view. Ignore is simple tip, but people do this very rare. It helps a lot to make you focused on game and maximize your influence on game result, especially if you want to elo boost ranked tier in league of legends. 

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  In case if you're "that guy" and you can't stop focus your attention on every bad moment of your team plays - you have to choose what you want more: victory or getting attention to yourself making your team chances to win less and probably getting reported for such behaviour. You have to remember that you're here to win and negative behaviour have really big negattive effort on game result. When you see opponent starting complain about his team in "all chat" - you know game is 90% won.

Another thing about people often complain without reason is elo hell. Read why Elo Hell doesn't exist here.